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Furniture and Accessories Selection Service

Exclusive Furniture and Accessories Sourcing Service from Italy – The Path to a Luxurious Interior
Create the interior of your dreams with our Italian furniture and accessories sourcing service.

Our team specializes in finding, selecting, and delivering Italian furniture directly to your doorstep. We work with interior designers, private clients, and also provide the opportunity for independent purchases directly from manufacturers – all to ensure that your space reflects personal values and exquisite taste.

For interior designers, our service offers the opportunity to fully equip their projects with everything necessary, from exclusive tables to designer light fixtures, ensuring complete harmony with the intended concept and flawless execution. We will assist in the sourcing and coordination of your project, saving you time and resources.

For private clients, we provide the unique chance to independently purchase furniture and accessories directly from Italian manufacturers through our service. From concept to completion, we will support you at every step, from selection to delivery.

And if your dream is a special interior element that will become the highlight of your home, we will find that exact piece that accentuates your unique taste, directly from Italian factories.


Your advantages with us:

• Significant discounts thanks to direct purchases from the manufacturer.

• Assurance of quality for each piece of furniture under my direct supervision.

• Only original products that meet the global standards of luxury and comfort.




Q: How can I be sure of the furniture’s quality?

A: We conduct a thorough inspection of each item before dispatch to ensure it meets the highest standards.

Q: Isn’t it easier to buy furniture from local distributors?

A: With us, you not only gain access to exclusive models unavailable on the local market, but you also save significantly due to our direct relationships with Italian manufacturers.

Q: What guarantees do I have that the furniture will arrive undamaged?

A: We arrange for reliable and proven delivery, which includes insurance and full service to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition.



Choosing Italian furniture and accessories with our service is an investment in the quality and style of your interior, reflecting personality and life principles. We guarantee a personalized approach and satisfaction for the most exquisite requests.

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