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Service of Enhancing Real Estate Value

The Art of Home Staging
In the ever-evolving real estate market of Italy and Europe, property owners are increasingly recognizing the significance of home staging – a powerful tool in enhancing the value and appeal of their properties.

Home staging goes beyond mere decoration; it’s an art that transforms spaces, making them more attractive to potential buyers or tenants. This service is especially beneficial for those owning properties in Italy and Europe, where the real estate market is highly competitive and diverse.

The Essence of Home Staging


Home staging involves a strategic approach to design and presentation. The goal is not just to decorate a property but to create an environment that potential buyers or renters can envision themselves living in. It’s about accentuating the best features of the property while minimizing any drawbacks. This process often includes decluttering, rearranging furniture, adding decorative elements, and sometimes making minor renovations.


Benefits of Home Staging

1.Increased Property Value: Well-staged homes often sell at a higher price. The investment in staging can be easily offset by the increased sale price, making it a lucrative decision.
2.Faster Sales Process: Properties that are staged often sell faster than non-staged ones. A well-presented property creates a strong first impression, which is crucial in the real estate market.
3.Wider Appeal: Staging helps in broadening the appeal of the property, making it attractive to a diverse range of potential buyers or renters.
4.Emotional Connection: Professionally staged homes create an emotional response that can lead to a quicker sale. Buyers are more likely to make an offer on a home that they feel connected to.


Our Comprehensive Home Staging Service

Our service is tailored for property owners in Italy and Europe, offering a complete solution from design conceptualization to the execution of the staging plan. We understand the unique aesthetics and preferences of the European market, and we specialize in creating designs that resonate with this demographic.


Design Conceptualization


Our team of experienced designers works closely with property owners to develop a staging plan that highlights the property’s strengths. We consider factors like the property’s layout, natural light, and architectural features to create a design that complements and enhances these elements.


Furniture Procurement and Installation


One of the critical aspects of staging is furniture selection and placement. We offer a comprehensive service that includes the selection, purchase, and installation of furniture that aligns with the overall design theme. Our expertise in furniture procurement ensures that each piece adds value to the overall aesthetic of the property.


Turnkey Solutions


We provide a turnkey staging solution, managing every aspect of the process. This includes coordinating with vendors, managing logistics, and overseeing the installation process. Our goal is to make the staging process as seamless and stress-free as possible for our clients.




In conclusion, home staging is an invaluable service for those looking to enhance the value and appeal of their real estate properties in Italy and Europe. It’s an investment that pays dividends in terms of higher sale prices, faster transactions, and a broader appeal to potential buyers and renters. Our comprehensive staging service ensures that your property is presented in its best light, making it stand out in the competitive European real estate market.




Diagnosi di tuo stile e gusto

È adatto

A coloro che hanno bisogno di verificare le proprie decisioni sulla scelta dello stile e dei materiali necessari per la ricostruzione.

La consultazione consiste in:

  • discussione con il progettista delle tue decisioni stilistiche;
  • adeguamenti necessari nello stile e nella scelta dei materiali.

Che cosa hai bisogno di fornire?

  • diverse fotografie della stanza;
  • un elenco dettagliato o le specifiche di tutti i materiali, le foto dei mobili scelti, l’arredamento, gli elettrodomestici, ecc .;
  • un elenco di domande a cui sei interessato.

Il formato è a tempo offline (1-1,5 ore) o online.

I tempi di consegna sono da 2 a 3 settimane, questo dipende dalla complessità del compito.

Il costo è di 65 euro / 110 euro

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