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My work is not limited to the implementation of design projects alone. Thanks to my experience and extensive knowledge, I can offer my clients a wide range of services. You can rest assured that you will ultimately achieve the best possible result.

How doI work

Your request

Getting started with me is very easy – just fill out a questionnaire that will tell me about your tastes and preferences

Consultation (Free)

The second stage of our collaboration involves a personal meeting, during which you can share your preferences. Based on the information from the questionnaire and your input, I start working on and finalizing the technical task. Afterward, we proceed to formalize the contract for design and planning.

Stage 1 – Architectural (50% Payment)





After signing the contract and making a 50% advance payment of the total contract cost, work begins on the design project. I provide several layout sketches of the premises based on the technical specifications, from which you can make your choice. After approving the main layout, the work on creating the interior starts.

Stage 2 – Stylistic







At this stage, the main style of the future interior is determined, room decor is selected, furniture arrangements are planned, and lighting is designed. Collages are created to choose colors and finishing materials for each room. After the final development and approval of the interior concept, I proceed to design 3D models of all the rooms in your house or apartment.

Stage – Technical



Once the 3D design concept (if included) is finalized, I will proceed to the phase of creating construction drawings. This stage involves working on project documentation, which encompasses not only general construction works but also electrical installations, the layout scheme for ventilation and air conditioning systems, and more.

Your Design (50% Payment)

At the final stage, the completed design project, along with detailed project documentation, is approved, and the final payment for all design services is made. I provide you with the final project in electronic format as well as in A3 drawings. However, if we have a contract for interior furnishings and author’s supervision, our collaboration continues during the construction phase until the project is fully completed

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